Dandelions Istanbul

Installed 2019

Artist: Miroslaw Struzik
Approximate Dimensions: 23.5' h;  12' w;  7.5' d
Materials:  Electropolished Stainless Steel
Developers: Essex Property Trust, Inc.


Using various types and gauges of steel wire and stainless steel, he creates works full of energy and whimsy with a freedom of movement. His work has a kinetic energy that makes its connection to viewers immediate.

His famous “Dandelions” sculpture aims to capture the floral delicacy of nature. The structure of this sculpture in the daylight gives the impression of reflections, while at night color effects are displayed.

Exposing the dandelion in a bigger scale transforms the delicate plant, which in real life is very small, to enhance the spectator’s experience and to show the magnificence of nature.

Station Park Green
Corner of Concar & Station Park Cir.
San Mateo, CA 94402