Hillsdale Shopping Center Fountain

Installed 2019

Artist: Lifescapes International, Inc. – Landscape Architects
Approximate Fountain Dimensions: Surface Area 1871 sq. ft.; Perimeter 211’ 9”
Developers: Bohannan Development


With the original inspiration being that of Hillsdale’s beginnings as an outdoor mall, this living and interactive element was created to share that context with the location’s long history. There are both light and water features.

The fountain is not intended to be experienced all at once. Rather, viewers should walk around it and experience it from different viewpoints. The artist intended the fountain to provide different experiences depending on the viewer and their vantage, and  wanted to engage viewers “in multiple ways and allow for the piece to change and develop as the space around it matures.” The design attempts to refine nature to its simplest form and provide “engaging, multisensory and evolutionary elements to create unique purposeful pieces”. 

Hillsdale Shopping Center - North
60 31st Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94403