Installed 2019

Artist: CJ Rench
Dimensions: Approximately 24' tall, 18' diameter, 3' wide, approximately 4,200 pounds
Materials: Textured stainless steel 

Cities, at their best, help shape the next story of the state in which it resides. They are full of history and of new promises. Reflections captures San Mateo’s past and present, the abstract elements within the sculpture, the saw blade, dollar sign, acorn, feather, horse shoe, and the winding creek are easily recognizable, playful in nature, and visually well-balanced. Reflections invites viewers to re-visit in their own imaginations what San Mateo was, is, and will become.

The sculpture embodies the natural resources, industry, commerce, and ambition of its citizens using abstract symbols and design features to convey the message. This large iconic work of art spotlights the history, and arts and culture of San Mateo to create a community-valued sculpture for all the citizens, businesses, and local government to benefit from its visual impact. The colors will be the reflections of the natural surroundings and light of the day, color of the sky, colors of the trees in the backdrop all bouncing off the textured stainless steel surface.

In 2014, the City of San Mateo solicited unique designs to be placed in Gateway Park to offer a visible and unique welcome to San Mateo. This project is the first public consignment fully paid for by the Art in Public Places in-lieu fee payments from multiple developers. The consignment of Reflections was approved by the City Council in 2015, with the City retaining the responsibility of constructing the foundation to meet the sculpture's design. The photos in the show below provides a few shots of the installation process, the celebration of the new installation, and the final result with the uniquely designed frames for the signs that provide a key to the elements within the sculpture. There is a large sign for pedestrians on the sidewalk and a smaller one for those who want to walk right up to the base of the sculpture - which is an invitation to all to experience Reflections from both near and far.

Gateway Park
Northwest corner of 3rd Avenue & Humboldt St.
San Mateo, CA 94401

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