Three Big Red Poppies

Installed 2017

Artists: Donald Sultan
Dimensions: 97.5 x 97 x 15.5 inches
Materials: Painted aluminum; Edition of 6, No. 2
Developers: Hines

"Sultan, an internationally recognized artist who rose to prominence in the late 1970s as part of the “New Image” movement, is known for elevating the still-life tradition through the deconstruction of his subjects into basic forms and the use of industrial materials. His paintings characteristically employ enamel, roofing tar, aluminum, linoleum, and spackle, pushing the boundaries of the medium through techniques of gouging, sanding, and buffing to create flatness, depth, and texture. The works are made of the same materials as the building in which the viewer stands; the architecture participates in the paintings. Weighty and structured, Sultan’s works are simultaneously abstract and representational: while his imagery is immediately recognizable – flowers, daily objects, insignia, idle factories – the dominating, abstract forms contradict its common association with fragility."

The artist's piece is complemented by red and black poppies in the style of the sculpture sandblasted into the ramped walkway leading up to the building.  This piece is from a series of six and is the first work of Donald Sultan to be installed in a public space in the San Francisco area. There is only one other public installation of this work located in San Diego, CA.

450 Concar Dr. 
San Mateo, CA 94402

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