Mirrored Labyrinth NY - for California

Installed 2017

Artists: Jeppe Hein
Dimensions: 106.25" x 346.5" x 338.5"
Materials: High polished stainless steel and aluminum, Edition of 3
Developers: Wilson Meany and Stockbridge Capital Group

Made of vertical planks of different height, “Mirror Labyrinth NY – for California” is three arcs that together create a pathway to walk through, its surfaces mirroring the surrounding landscape.

Hein, “For me, the concept of sculpture is closely linked with communication. Rather than passive perception and theoretical reflection, the visitor’s direct and physical experiences are more important to me.

“My approach to a public project focuses on the attempt to integrate art into everyday life, by embedding it into the area. The relationship between artwork, architecture, and the private and public space is my key concern….Interaction is a distinctive element of my artwork, thus the viewer plays a vital role.”

Town Square
Bay Meadows
3068 W Kyne St,
San Mateo, CA 94403