Falling Slabs

Falling Slabs

Installed 2016

Artists: Lundberg Design
Dimensions: 5' wide x 24' long x 20' high
Materials: Corten steel
Developers: Clearview Business Park Owner, LLC

How do you create the illusion of movement within a static element? This piece, entitled “Falling Slabs,” attempts to explore that question. Two-inch thick sheets of corten steel delaminate and peel away from the vertical in a physical photograph, capturing the energy and movement of a moment in time. The strength of the steel anchored to an engineered concrete foundation below grade allows the 8,000-pound slabs to defy gravity, floating above the ground at surprising angles.

Corten steel was selected for its unique finish properties, evocative of iron ore and the earth from which it originates. As it patinas, each face will develop its own rich, natural shade of rusty orange that is simultaneously predictable and happily unpredictable.

Clearview Business Park
3005 Clearview Way
San Mateo, CA 94403

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