Bee Bench & Garden

Installed 2019

Artist: Rachel Rodi
Approximate Dimensions: Planter Wall 24’ length, 3’8” high 
Seating Wall 25’ length, 343 sq. ft. mosaic
Materials: Stained glass & ceramic tile
Developers: Central Park South, LLC


The floral mural and seat wall designs relate to and honor nearby Central Park, San Mateo’s signature park. The native flowers, and the bees in the seat wall, represent the deep importance of harmony in our ecosystem to human wellbeing and life overall, and the beneficial balance native species provide. The flowers depicted are cliff maids, a flowering succulent plant known for their resilience, beauty and diversity of colors. The designs are meant to be uplifting and provide a sense of possibility and delight.

The planter mosaic was created in vibrant stained glass. Stained glass was chosen for the planter mural due to the broad range of layered, striking colors available, and the subtle reflective quality of glass that creates a sense of visual movement and light play as you pass by and during different times of day. The arched seat wall mosaic was created in exterior grade, glazed ceramic tile that compliments the glass colors in the planter mural. Ceramic tile was selected for the seat wall as it is appropriate for the functional nature of the installation while offering brilliant colors.

The Addison at Central Park
19 9th Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94401