San Mateo Bridge

Installed 2014

Artist: Chuck Ginnever
Dimensions: 9' high, 25' long, 8' wide
Materials: steel
Developers: Wilson Meany and Stockbridge Capital Group

Created in 1978, Chuck thought this about his sculpture, “…the way that some of its elements touched the ground and others extended into the air had a bridge-like quality, so I titled it after my hometown bridge, which I'd traversed so many times.” It is part of a series of steel sculptures he describes as, “consisting of flat planes arranged in such a way as to yield unexpected views as you move around the sculpture.” So walk around the park and see the San Mateo Bridge change from each perspective. Chuck truly believes that his hometown named sculpture belongs here, and we’re inclined to agree. The Ginnever family has a long history in San Mateo the City is happy to have this wonderful sculpture to honor Chuck and his family.

Landing Green Park
Bay Meadows
200 E 28th Ave
San Mateo, CA 94403

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