El Camino Real Mural

Installed 2011

Artist: Mona Caron
Dimensions: 120’ long, between 10’-25’ high
Materials: Painted mural
Developers: MidPen Housing

The invasive mustard plant and the mustard color are used to metaphorically describe the path of the historic El Camino Real, together with representing native California botanicals. The long mural also includes large California poppies and Indian paintbrush. The artist describes the middle area of the mural as, “… a red-colored map of indigenous people’s language groups, and the mission trail is crossing over it in a golden yellow etched line.” The focal point of the mural includes a beautiful view of San Mateo with Mt. Diablo on the horizon. The portion of the mural accessible to the public is that of the mustard flowers in front of the apartment complex, along the El Camino Real.

Peninsula Station
2905 S. El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94403

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Pen Station Mural - Artist Mona Caron