Election 101

Check out our Campaign Financing Dashboard!

The City of San Mateo is the first in the county to provide an interactive way for people to navigate campaign finance information. The Council Campaign Financing Dashboard includes charts and graphs that break down campaign expenditures and contributions.

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  1. District vs At Large Elections
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District Vs At Large Elections

District Elections

On November 8, 2022, San Mateo held its first District Election.

Before 2022, all registered voters in the City voted for all five members of the City Council. Beginning in 2022, residents voted for candidates running in their specific district. Learn more about San Mateo's transition to District Elections.

How do I know which district I live in?

Search your address on our District Elections Map.

View a PDF of the final map

At-Large Elections

Several cities, school districts, and special districts in the County still use at-large elections. Other places this type of election is seen include:

  • State offices: Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, State School Superintendent, State Attorney General, etc. 
  • U.S. Senator
  • Larger cities will have district elected Councilmembers with an at-large Mayor (Ex: San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles)