Fallen Hero Recognition

Individuals may apply to have the name of a fallen loved one who served as a member of the US Armed Forces or City of San Mateo Fire and Police Personnel engraved on the Memorial by completing the Fallen Heroes Memorial Application and submitting it to the San Mateo City Clerk.

Applications and documentation will be reviewed by the Criteria Subcommittee of the Memorial Committee. The City of San Mateo's Fallen Heroes Memorial Recognition Policy provides guidelines and criteria for an individual to have their name engraved on the Memorial.

Questions? Contact City Clerk Patrice Olds at polds@cityofsanmateo.org or (650) 522-7042.

We have compiled a List of the Fallen, but we need your help to ensure each qualified San Matean is recognized.

Memorial Engraving Criteria

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US Armed Forces

Recognition Criteria:

1) Death occurred on active duty service to the country:  

  • Killed in action 
  • As a result of injuries sustained in active duty within one year of receiving the injuries 
  • Honoree was declared missing in action, has never returned from service, and is presumed dead. 

2) Establish Residency – while on active duty service or by having lived a portion of their life in San Mateo.  

Possible Documentation:  

  • DD-214 Military Certificate of Release from Service or a Death Certificate that indicates San Mateo address.  
  • Military records such as, including but not limited to, enlistment documents that indicate address as San Mateo; or telegram or other notification of death from the United States military to an immediate family member at a San Mateo address; or medical records demonstrating military service or injuries from the Veteran’s Administration.  
  • Records of school attendance in San Mateo along with verifiable military records.  
  • A series of personal correspondence between the soldier and their family which demonstrates a San Mateo address as their domicile along with verifiable military records.  
  • Newspaper clippings demonstrating their service as a San Mateo resident along with verifiable military records.   
  • Other types of military records that can be verified as genuine.

City of San Mateo Fire and Police Personnel 

Recognition Criteria:

  • Death occurred in the line of duty, as part of performance of their duties, or as a result of injuries obtained in the line of duty.   
  • There is no residency requirement for this category.  

To confirm eligibility, the City or Fire Department’s Human Resources Director will verify through certified personnel records their qualification for the honor. The San Mateo Police Department and the San Mateo Consolidated Fire Department will confirm the qualification and facts. 

Application Approval

Approved placements will receive a confirmation letter from the Committee confirming facts such as: spelling, date of death, branch of service, etc.  Denied placements will receive a denial letter with instructions on how to submit additional verifiable information or with the information for denial. 

Memorial Pavestones

More information coming soon. Individuals or organizations will soon be able to purchase a Memorial Pavestone to honor or thank a U. S. Veteran, Firefighter, or Police Officer.