Meeting Decorum

The rules of decorum that follow apply to all members of the public who attend a public meeting, be it a City Council meeting or the meeting of any of the City's Boards or Commissions. These rules are provided to ensure that all members of the public have equitable access to the democratic process and so that all feel free to participate.
  • Respect and courtesy are required - no clapping, cheering, jeering or booing will be tolerated.
  • Anyone who treats others disrespectfully will be asked to leave and escorted out of City Hall. Report any incidents to a staff member or any police officer who is present.
  • For your safety and the safety of those around you, signs with sticks or anything blocking views or the entrances, exits or aisles in the City Council Chambers will not be permitted.
  • Certified interpreters may be invited by the City to participate in some public meetings where a large non-English speaking audience is anticipated. When this is the case, some seats will be reserved in the Council Chambers to ensure that those utilizing headsets are within clear transmission range of the interpreter. We ask that other members of the public be respectful of this accommodation. City staff can help you in finding another seat elsewhere if needed.