Council Member Compensation

Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Council Member Salary and Benefit Projection

(calculation is based on highest possible benefit)
Base pay

Compensation sub-total



CalPERS (retirement) - optional membership 24.83%
Medical Insurance* (2023 rates) family
Dental Insurance (2023 rates) family
Vision Insurance (2023 rates) family
Life Insurance $25,000 policy

Benefits sub-total



Gross Compensation + Benefits



*Actual compensation is dependent upon participation in the medical insurance program, and if s/he does participate, the level of medical benefits the elected official is entitled to (single or family). If the Council Member waives medical insurance, they will instead receive a $41.66/month ($499.92/year) flexible spending account benefit.

Former Council Members

Note: Upon 5 years of membership in CalPERS and subsequent retirement from the San Mateo City Council, former Council Members are eligible for an optional benefit of $385.00/month towards medical insurance.

Annual compensation of all of the City of San Mateo's elected officials, officers, and employees is available on the California State Controller's website.