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Adult Music

Our Adult Music Program gives you the opportunity to pick up the instrument you always dreamed of learning or allow you to reconnect with an instrument you played as a child.

We have a number of different classes – taught by talented musicians and all scheduled in the evening to accommodate the working adult’s busy schedule.

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Youth Music

Exposing your child to music has many benefits, including an increase of self-confidence, self-discipline and a creative outlet for self-expression. Children exposed to music enjoy other benefits, including:
  • Improved memory and reasoning capacity.
  • Creative thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Enhanced reasoning skills used for math and science.
  • Enhanced academic achievement.
  • A greater appreciation for cultural arts.
  • Improved coordination and fine motor skills.
  • A sense of accomplishment.
  • A sense of community
Our music program focuses on exploration, enrichment and nurturing your child’s creative side. We have a number of classes specially tailored to the young student and all our classes are taught in a fun, nurturing environment, with expert instruction at affordable prices.

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