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2021-2022 Building Blocks Programs

New Classes, New Name, Same Great Program!

All classes have a $50.00 registration fee due at the time of enrollment. Payments may be made in 10 monthly installments or paid in full.

Read the Parent Packet for more information!

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Building Blocks Explorers: age 2-3 yrs.

Your child is ready for independence at school...but not yet fully toilet trained.  This class offers an opportunity for your child to participate in social activities, movement, and exploration with our trained Building Blocks teachers.

Lakeshore Recreation Center                                                           10 payments of 

  • 610112-B5              M W               9:00-11:30am                          $207                  8/16-6/3
  • 610112-B7             Tu Th              9:00-11:30am                          $207                  8/17-6/2

Ages 3-4 yrs.

Building Blocks Creators: ages 3-4 yrs.

Formally known as Tiny Tots!

It’s never too early to get your child excited about learning! Children in our Creators program will be exposed to social, cognitive and physical activities that promotes lifelong exploration and learning. Curriculum will include hands on learning activities, early literacy and math skills, and group play opportunities. Your child will graduate from this foundational program well-adjusted and ready for pre-kindergarten programs. Children must be age 3 and toilet trained on or before their first day of class.

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Lakeshore Center                                                      10 payments 

  • 610113-C3     M W F         9:15-11:45am             $303                    8/16-6/3
  • 610113-C4     Tu Th           9:15-11:45am             $207                    8/17-6/2

Beresford Center

  • 610113-C5     M W F         9:00-11:30am             $303                    8/16-6/3

Ages 4-5 yrs.

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Building Blocks Innovators: ages 4-5 yrs.

Formally known as Pre-K!

The Innovators Pre-Kindergarten program is designed to prepare your child for kindergarten by teaching phonics, handwriting, math, social skills & more!  Utilizing a play-based curriculum, we support our innovators by engaging in activities that will promote creativity, a growth mindset, and problem-solving skills. Children must be age 4 on or before September 1, 2021.

Shoreview                                                                    10 payments 

  • 610114-D1     M-Th            8:30-11:30am             $486                    8/16-6/2


  • 610114-D3     M-Th            8:30-11:30am             $486                    8/16-6/2

NEW! Building Blocks Nature Play Pre-K

Research shows that children who experience meaningful connections to nature in their daily lives are healthier, happier and more resilient. Yet today’s kids spend half the time playing outside than their parents did. Let’s change that!  Building Blocks Nature Play Pre-K builds on children’s natural curiosity about the world by using hands-on nature-based activities. Our unique daily curriculum explores science, art, language, mathematics and more in our play-based outdoor classroom. All classes will be held outside unless there is severe weather. Children must be age 4 on or before September 1, 2021.

Shoreview                                                                      10 payments of 

  • 610114-D2     M-Th           12:30- 3:30pm             $486                    8/16-6/2
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NEW! Building Blocks Spanish Immersion

De vuelta a la escuela!  It’s back to school time!  Children who are exposed to multiple languages at a young age show lifelong strengths in problem solving skills, verbal acumen, and creativity.   In this program, participants will explore and discover the world around them immersed in Spanish culture and language. Program is taught in Spanish and English with a goal of working towards 90% Spanish and 10% English. Children will learn the Spanish language naturally as they master basic pre-school skills through a play-based curriculum. Children must be age 4 on or before September 1, 2021.

Lakeshore                                                                       10 payments of

  • 610114-D4     M-Th           12:30- 3:30pm             $486                    8/16-6/2


Step 1

Start here! Read Open Enrollment information.

Step 2

Fill out Registration form!

Step 3

The following documents need to be sent to Joan:

  • Registration Form (from Step 2)
  • Age verification (information in Open Enrollment document)
  • Physicians Report - this form is due on your child's first day of class.
  • ePact Quick Start (English)

Documents can be sent via email (scanned) to OR you can arrange an in-person appointment to drop off your documents (appointments must be made through Heather at or call (650) 522-7483.

Fee Assistance

We offer fee assistance for qualifying San Mateo residents. Please email for more information.