Recreation Activities

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Youth & Family Aquatics

Learning how to swim and further developing swimming skills when young not only keeps your child active and healthy, but also helps to increase their water safety for life.

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Summer Camps

Enhance your child’s summer experience fun options! You get the quality supervision you need for your child while he or she experiences the ultimate summer! View the Summer Booklet.


Adult Fitness

Join our Fitness Program for an invigorating workout in a safe, non-competitive environment where highly skilled instructors bring their expertise and passion to each class. Browse our Adult Fitness Programs
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Fine Arts & Crafts

Our Fine Arts & Crafts Programs foster imagination and self expression. Our programs provide classes that can help spark your creative side, relieve stress and have fun in a social setting.
Youth Programs

Youth Programs

Whatever strikes your child’s fancy, we probably have it. From karate to guitar lessons, we have one of the most comprehensive and diverse offerings on the Peninsula. Browse our Youth Programs