Worker Resource Center

Since August 2003 the City of San Mateo, in partnership with local nonprofit Samaritan House, has operated the Worker Resource Center at 5th and Railroad Avenues.

The center offers both day laborers and those seeking workers an alternative to conducting their business on the street. This secure space provides a place for workers to wait for work, off the streets and out of the elements. Many clients who utilize the WRC use the jobs they receive there to supplement their income from a permanent job. For those without permanent employment, the WRC staff assists these day laborers in their job search, including use of the Center's computers to fill out employment applications. Center staff also coordinate English Language Learning classes, holiday celebrations, and connections to legal organizations specializing in both immigration and labor law.

For more information see the program description at the Samaritan House Website. To hire workers please contact the WRC directly at (650) 344-1651.

For more information about the City's role in the operations of the WRC please contact Neighborhood Improvement & Housing Manager Sandy Council via email or at (650) 522-7223.