Child Care Facilities Fund

Child Care within San Mateo

San Mateo has prioritized its commitment to providing and developing innovative approaches to increase the supply of child care spaces within our community and strives to serve as a model for other communities throughout the county and the country.

The Child Care Facilities Fund is from an "impact fee" paid to the City from developers constructing new offices, commercial buildings, and new housing to help address the increased need for new, quality child care spaces as a result from the development.

The City of San Mateo recognizes the importance of quality child care and the role child care and preschool programs play in the development of our families’ children while also supporting the economic well-being of our community. 

Looking for child care for your child? is a network of resources and referral organizations throughout California.

Find local organizations who can help you find the right care care for your family. Visit to get started.

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Child Care Startup Guide

Looking to start or expand a child care center, preschool, or care home?  The Child Care Startup Guide (Español - Ciudad de San Mateo Cuidado Infantil Guía de Inicio) helps you learn important definitions, identify key steps and information about local and state requirements, and navigate the City's permit process.

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Child Care Facilities Fund

The City of San Mateo created the Child Care Facilities Fund to help address the need for quality child care place in San Mateo. There are a wide variety of opportunities to partner with the City through access to quite favorable loans or by submitting inquiries to explore different collaboration possibilities.

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Important Documents

The Child Care Facilities Fund has a number of important informational and required documents you must review and complete. There are also forms made available for active projects.

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Resources & Helpful Links

A number of external resources both within San Mateo County and beyond that may be very helpful in developing new child care spaces, offering a various planning tools, informational resources, and possible financial support.