Fingerprint & Criminal Background Check


Some agencies are already mandated through licensing to conduct criminal background checks. These agencies are exempt from this ordinance, but still require submission of a Compliance Form to identify why the agency is exempt.

As the ordinance states, and in accordance with Penal Code Section 11105.3, the appropriate method for conducting a criminal background check includes the submission of fingerprints.

The agency responsible for the processing of fingerprints and criminal records is the Department of Justice (DOJ), a division of the Office of the Attorney General. Complete information can be found on their Background Checks website.

Important Note

Although widely utilized by various organizations, Social Security numbers or other personal identification information only background checks alone are not sufficient to meet the City's ordinance. Although an organization may choose to screen volunteers and staff through one of the various commercial service providers, to comply with the ordinance, background checks must be completed using fingerprints.

Criminal Offender Record Information

Nonprofit agencies can apply to receive the related criminal background information received in response to the LiveScan submittal from the Department of Justice. This is referred to as the Criminal Offender Record information or CORI. The "Authorization Request Form For Youth Organizations / Human Resource Agencies" required to become certified as a records custodian can be downloaded from the DOJ website .

Live Scan

Live Scan is the required electronic fingerprint submission format and there are several Live Scan locations within San Mateo County. The current list can be found on the DOJ Applicant Live Scan page. There will be a Live Scan rolling fee to the service provider in addition to any fingerprint submittal fees for DOJ. These fees vary and acceptable payment methods are noted on the DOJ website.