Ordinance Summary


The full ordinance language (Chapter 10.65) can be found in the City's Municipal Code. For simplification, a basic outline of the three primary requisites of the ordinance are provided here:

Protection of Children Receiving Social Services

  • The ordinance applies to all non-profit corporations (including Homeowner / Neighborhood Associations, fraternal organizations, etc.) working or providing service in San Mateo, except:
    • Public and private schools
    • Medical facilities
    • Religious organizations, except for youth sports or recreation programs
    • Any other organizations where licensing requires a background check
  • The ordinance requires screening measure for volunteers and employees who work with children.
    • Requirement #1 : The non-profit must make a criminal background check through the Department of Justice. Applies to:
      • All employees who work with children in a "supervisory or disciplinary" role.
      • All adult volunteers "who in the ordinary course of their volunteer duties are expected to be alone with one or more children".
    • Requirement #2: The non-profit must provide at least 2 hours of child abuse prevention training every two years. Applies to: All volunteers and employees who work with children. This training is transferrable to other non-profit organizations as well.
  • All organizations that are subject to the ordinance are required to annually submit the Certification of Compliance to the City of San Mateo by August 1.
Those organizations who are not exempt by ordinance definition but are exempt due to lack of applicable services or programs are also required to submit the Certificate of Compliance noting the reason for exemption.

Additional Information

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