Block Captain Resources

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Please Note

The following information has been made available for San Mateo community members who are currently serving as a block captain for their Neighborhood Watch program. If your block is not part of Neighborhood Watch and you live in the city of San Mateo, find out how to get started by emailing us today. 

San Mateo Block Captains

We appreciate your time and commitment to the Neighborhood Watch program and hope that the following information assists you in your role as block captain. Send an email or give us a call at (650) 522-7791 should you have questions or need additional resources to help make your Neighborhood Watch program successful.

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Block Captain?

The responsibilities of a Neighborhood Watch Block Captain includes holding block gatherings, maintaining a roster of block members, educating new residents on the program, and more. 

Resident Roster

This form is for your block’s use only and is optional. Please feel free to adapt it to meet your needs. Please remember that not everyone on your block may be comfortable sharing their information. Please respect people’s privacy if they don’t want to be listed on your form. Once completed, some Block Captains like to make copies for each resident listed or you may choose to just keep the master copy yourself.

New Resident Welcome Flyer
This form is to be handed out to new residents as they move onto your block. This informs them that they have moved to a Neighborhood Watch block and lets them know you are their Block Captain.

Meeting Announcement Template
This template can be filled in and changed based on your needs. It can be used to inform your neighbors you are holding a Neighborhood Watch meeting.

Please contact your Neighborhood Watch program directly at 650-522-7791 if you would like to schedule a member of the police department to attend your meeting. A representative the police department can speak to your neighbors on a wide range of crime prevention topics and give an update on issues in your neighborhood.

If this is your very first Neighborhood Watch meeting, please visit our how to get started section for information on notifying your neighbors.