Board of Directors


The San Mateo Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch program is overseen by a volunteer Board of Directors comprised of residents and Police staff.

Area Representation

The Board hopes to have at least 3 residents from each Area with the goal of achieving geographic diversity in its representation.

Requirements of a Board Member

  • Be a resident of San Mateo
  • Be part of a Neighborhood Watch block
  • Have an interest in serving your community
  • Have the time to fully participate on the Board

Duties of a Board Member

Although by-laws and a work program help guide the Board, its role continues to evolve and is open to change:
  • Act in an advisory capacity to Police staff
  • Provide coordination of the Neighborhood Watch program
  • Contribute ideas for the “Neighbors’ Watch” newsletter
  • Help plan special events, such as National Night Out (NNO)
  • Attend meetings, generally held quarterly


Board members are asked to commit to attending all Board meetings (approximately four a year), general meetings (one a quarter), and participate fully in their role. National Night Out, which occurs the first Tuesday in August, is also a main activity for Board members.