Potential "Trip & Fall" Condition

Sidewalks that are in poor condition lessen the attractiveness of a neighborhood and contribute to a decline in sidewalk safety and ease-of-use.

The Public Works Department receives multiple reports each year from residents who feel a sidewalk may not be in good condition and should be brought into compliance with City of San Mateo Municipal Code Chapter 17.24.

48 Hour Response Time

Although we do our best to proactively work with home owners on correcting imperfect conditions through the Sidewalk Repair Program, the Public Works Department understands the need to quickly respond to reports of a potential “trip & fall” condition.

  • Within 48 hours of receiving a report of a sidewalk with possible issues, the Department of Public Works visits the reported site and makes an evaluation. If the inspector feels that a potentially unsafe condition exists, the inspector will place a device, such as an orange cone, in the area.
  • Within 7 days, the city will temporarily repair the sidewalk with asphalt.
  • The property owner will then be notified and will have 90 days to permanently repair the sidewalk and come into compliance with the Sidewalk Ordinance (17.24).

Contact us
if you feel you have discovered a potentially unsafe condition on any of our sidewalks and would like to make a report.
Trip n' Fall Sidewalk