Sidewalk Repair Program

Sidewalk Image - Lamppost - StreetsWe have almost 380 miles of sidewalks throughout the City. Well-maintained sidewalks allow for safe pedestrian travel, add value to individual properties, and decrease the liability faced by property owners due to tripping hazards.

In California, state law requires owners to maintain their sidewalks and maintain sidewalks adjacent to their properties.

In 2008, the City Council approved a 15-year Sidewalk Repair Program to assist property owners with their sidewalk maintenance responsibilities.

Our Public Works Department manages the Sidewalk Repair Program and staff inspect and schedule repairs in an effective and cost-efficient way.

Sidewalk Repair Program Milestones

Since the inception of the Sidewalk Repair Program, we have assisted property owners with correcting concrete sidewalk, curb, and gutter deficiencies in the following neighborhoods:

  • Aragon (North & South)
  • South Shoreview (North)
  • South Shoreview (South)
  • Baywood Knolls
  • Northwest Hillsdale
  • Hayward Park
  • Sunnybrae Phase I
  • Sunnybrae Phase II

Did you receive a Notice to Repair? 

When we identify a sidewalk that needs repair, we will issue the property owner a notice. When a property owner receives a notice from us, they have 90 days to respond. If, after 90 days, the property owner has not completed the repairs, we will inform the property owner that we will undertake the repairs and bill the property owner. Unpaid invoices after 60 days can be subject to a tax lien against the property to recover its costs.

Program Update – January 2022

To reduce costs of the Sidewalk Repair Program, Public Works began a pilot project to evaluate the effectiveness of horizontal concrete saw-cutting as an alternate technology to the replacement of new concrete sections for future sidewalk repair projects. Cutting potential sidewalk hazards where possible is much less expensive than replacement with new concrete.Sidewalk Image - Saw cut example - streets

The first phase of the pilot project identified and categorized all concrete deficiencies within the Country Club Heights neighborhood. Staff found that approximately 75 percent of total concrete deficiencies could be repaired by concrete saw-cutting (pictured here) and only 25 percent of the total concrete deficiencies would require the more expensive conventional concrete removal and replacement.

Moving on to the second phase of the pilot, the department’s contractor will fix minor sidewalk, curb, and gutter deficiencies within Country Club Heights by utilizing a special concrete saw that ensures cut slopes are smooth and comply with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. Completion of roughly 400 saw-cutting locations throughout the neighborhood is expected in early 2022.

Project Notices

Starting in early February 2022, neighbors in Country Club Heights can expect to receive a notice on their doors detailing the schedule for the work adjacent to their property.


Call Public Works at (650) 522-7300 or email if you have any questions about your sidewalk repair.


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