Street Markings and Legends

Street markings and legends are vital components for moving traffic safely and efficiently on city streets. It is the responsibility of Public Works to install and maintain lines, legends and markings.

Examples of street markings include:
  • White lane lines and reflectors
  • Yellow center lines
  • White shoulder (right side of the street) lines
  • Crosswalks
  • Bike lanes
We also paint in all the legends in the roadway like:
  • STOP
  • Turn lane arrows
As required by law, we use the California Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices for the specifications of street markings and legends.

Report A Faded Or Damaged Street Marking

Contact Us or submit your report using our customer service form to report a street problem. Please indicate the location of the street marking using the following example: "Type of street marking" on "name of street" at the corner of "cross street". If you email, you can also attach a photo.