Have any other tips for citizen involvement?

Here’s some other tips for easy ways you can directly improve local water quality:

  • Participate in cleanups around your neighborhood. Sign up for Team Up to Clean Up
  • Pick up after your dog.
  • Pick up litter.
  • Reducing or eliminating fertilizer use on lawns and in gardens will reduce the nutrients that feed aquatic weeds.
  • Champion our Lagoon to your neighbors and share resources to preserve it.
  • Be our eyes and ears in the neighborhood: Report Stormwater Pollution.
  • Follow the us on on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to like and share our news.
  • Inspect and repair your sewer lateral to prevent overflows. 
  • Get out and enjoy the Lagoon and all it has to offer.

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3. Who is responsible for maintaining the water quality of the lagoon?
4. What can residents do to help improve water quality of the Lagoon?
5. Have any other tips for citizen involvement?
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