The Parks & Recreation department is proud to offer diverse boating facilities within our city. The Marina Lagoon is divided into 8 zones, each which allows different types of water activities.
  • Power Boating:
    Allowed in zones A, B, C and E.
  • Sailing:
    Allowed in zones B, C, D and F.
Please see the Marina Lagoon Zone map to understand where each zone begins and ends.

Boating Fees
All motor boats on the Marina Lagoon must have a permit. Permits can be purchased at the Harbor Patrol Station & Launch Ramp at Parkside Aquatic Park.
*Daily passes are only available when the Harbor Patrol station is staffed. We recommend you call the Harbor Patrol Office, (650) 522.7467, in advance.
January - December 2010
Annual Daily*
Boat Pass for 5 hp and over:
$450 $40
Boat Pass for under 5 hp:
$250 $25
Annual passes include launch ramp access during non-staffed periods.

Boating Regulations
Boating regulations on the Marina Lagoon are for the safety of all visitors. It is your responsibility to make sure you understand all the rules and regulations as well as the specific boating zones.

Please take the time to read the Marina Lagoon Boating & Recreation Guide.