Smooth Streets Program

Project Update on Franklin Street and Fairfax Avenue

In February 2021, our Smooth Streets construction team encountered widespread soft soil when beginning to improve the road segments on Franklin Street and Fairfax Avenue. The discovery of the soft soil conditions beneath the pavement required us to look carefully at a new design for completing the reconstruction work. This happened as expeditiously as possible whilst utilities services worked to lower their services. We worked collaboratively to ensure residents will receive a quality street that will last a generation. 

On April 19, 2021, San Mateo City Council approved additional project funding to return to work on the road segments. 

As of May 27, 2021, major paving operations along both Fairfax Avenue and Franklin Street are complete. The remaining work includes:

  • June 1-5, 2021 the contractor raised utility covers to match the finished grade and prepare the streets for striping. Work to raise utility covers and prepare for striping was not limited to Fairfax Avenue and Franklin Street but also included other street segments, so the contractor’s presence was not continuous.
  • Beginning June 7, 2021 and requiring up to five days, the contractor will be completing site preparation for striping and performing striping work. Similar to the utility cover work, the striping work will occur throughout several segments around the City and the contractor’s presence on the project streets will not be continuous.
  • Following completion of the striping work, the City and contractor team will perform final walk-throughs and correct any minor items identified by the City as incomplete.
  • Please continue to abide by any “No Parking” signs posted by the contractor for on-street parking restrictions;

We have returned the street lights to service in the neighborhood. 

If you have any special access needs during road reconstruction work, please contact us at 650-522-7300 or email for accommodations. 

PLEASE NOTE: Any vehicle parked within the temporary "No Parking" areas during the times posted will be towed at the owner's expense.  Follow all traffic control signs and DO NOT move any barricades, cones, or delineators in order to go around them. It is ILLEGAL to move traffic control devices and traffic fines will be issued. If you are unsure whether or not you should drive on a street, or do not understand the detour signs, please call us to ask for assistance.


We have utilized our NextDoor platform to keep the neighborhood updated as it is our best, and fastest, tool to pinpoint messaging to a single neighborhood. Missed any previous NextDoor posts? Find them here: 

Program Description

The Smooth Streets Program reconstructs roads that have reached the end smoothstreetsof their service life.

This is a special program that addresses streets which can no longer be preserved as part of our regular road maintenance. Approximately 20 miles of streets have been identified for reconstruction based on visual inspection and their Pavement Condition Index.

Since its inception in 2013, the program has restored 12 miles of our City streets. In 2015, local voters approved Measure S, a quarter-cent sales tax extension that supports community-identified priorities like the Smooth Streets Program. 

Program Map

You can click to enlarge this map on any device. The proposed completion years are subject to change.

Smooth Streets Program - Progress Map as of Feb 19 2021
Smooth Street Program - Map Legend

Project Coordination:S Idaho Street between 4th and 7th Completed in 2018

We coordinate with the Clean Water Program, PG&E, CalWater, and other utilities to minimize avoidable expense and inconvenience to community members. 

When utility conflicts are found, we will request that the private utility companies relocate their pipes, wires, or other buried infrastructure. This early coordination is important because it can take anywhere from nine to 24 months to relocate one mile of buried utilities.

Current Active Segments:

  • Birch Avenue, from S. Delaware Street to Sunnybrae Boulevard
  • Del Mar Way, from Portola Drive to Hacienda Street
  • Fairfax Avenue, from Alameda de las Pulgas to Franklin Street
  • Fleetwood Drive, from Folkstone Avenue to S Grant Street
  • Franklin Street, from Crystal Springs Road to Virginia Avenue
  • Fulton Road, from Bromfield Road to end
  • Sunnybrae Boulevard, from S. Delaware  Street to S. Amphlett Boulevard
  • Turner Terrace, from E. Bellevue Avenue to E. Poplar Avenue


Notice of Project Change (Sunnybrae Boulevard) - April 29, 2021

Notice of Project Change (Hand Delivered to Franklin Street and Fairfax Avenue) - April 20, 2021

Notice of Construction - Oct. 20, 2020 / Notification Area is typically within one block radius of project area. (Please note, a previous version of this postcard listed an incorrect phone number.)

Notice of Contract Award – Aug. 31, 2020 / Notification Area is typically within one block radius of project area.