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1. What is the Building Inspection Division?
2. What services does the Building Inspection Division provide?
3. How do I schedule an inspection?
4. What are the hours of construction?
5. Can I request a special time for my inspection?
6. What is the waiting time for an inspection?
7. How do I cancel an inspection?
8. At what stage do I need to call for an inspection?
9. When will I need a special Inspection?
10. When do I need a Certificate Of Occupancy?
11. When would I need a Temporary Certificate Of Occupancy?
12. What types of complaints does the Building Inspection Division handle?
13. How do I comply with a "Notice of Correction/Stop Work Order"?
14. How do I schedule a Residential Fire Sprinkler Inspection?
15. How do I schedule an inspection for a fire permit (other than Residential Fire Sprinklers)?