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Vacation House Check Request Form

  1. Address and Contact Information
    Use this section to enter the address of the house you'd like checked along with your contact information.
  2. City
    San Mateo, CA
  3. Vacation Start and End Dates
  4. What can we expect?
    Please use the section below to identify pets and/or people who may be at your home during your vacation.
  5. Are there animals on premises?*
  6. Vehicles left at home?*
  7. If you have lights on timers, please indicate the room(s) and set times.
  8. Alarm Company?*
  9. Gardener?*
  10. Pool cleaner?*
  11. Housekeeper?*
  12. Have you left a spare key with a neighbor?*
  13. Emergency Contact Information
  14. I agree with and understand the following:
    NOTE: Please check each box below as confirmation that you have read and understand the following limitations:
  15. For office/cadet safety, San Mateo Police will not provide a vacation house check if someone is staying on the premises*
  16. Vehicles left on city strees in axcess of 72 hours are subject to tow.*
  17. San Mateo Police Department will make every reasonable attempt to monitor your property during your vacation. However, circumstances may preclude us from performing this services on any day, any series of days, or perhaps, during the entire tenure of your vacation.*
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