How does the plan check process work?
Prior to getting a permit you might be required to submit your plans for plan check. Submit a minimum of four sets of plans, pay a Plan Check fee that is based on the construction valuation of the proposed project. Allow up to 20 working days for review.

If any department has comments on your project they will issue a correction notice which will be faxed or mailed to the individual who submitted the plans. The applicant should make the corresponding corrections on a new set of plans and re-submit the plans. The plans are put back into the routing system and reviewed a second time.

Once the plans are approved by all departments, we will package your permit for issuance and call the applicant to come pick up the permit. Only the contractor or the homeowner may pull the permit at this time. An agent for the owner or contractor must have a letter from the owner stating that the agent has been given permission to pull the permit.

A Building Permit fee is paid at the time the permit is picked up. This fee is based on the construction valuation and any plumbing, mechanical, or electrical work being done.

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