Where can I get answers to additional questions?

 - For trees and development projects, if you have submitted a planning application or building permit, or are planning to submit one, contact the Community Development Department Arborist at arborist@cityofsanmateo.org

 - For Tree Work permits not related to development, visit the Parks and Recreation Tree Division website.

 - The City does not get involved in civil disputes related to trees. For mediation assistance, you may consider reaching out to the Peninsula Confliction Resolution Center (PCRC) or other professional mediators. Find more information on the California Judicial Branch “civil cases” website.

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1. What is an Existing Tree/Major Vegetation?
2. Is the Tree Protection Plan the only requirement for development regarding Protected Trees?
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7. Is a Tree Protection Plan always required when building near a Protected Tree?
8. What happens if a Protected Tree is damaged?
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10. When is an Arborist Report required?
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13. Is a permit required to remove Protected Trees?
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15. Where can I get answers to additional questions?