How can the community become involved?

During the listing process, the state notifies affected property owners and local governments and solicits public comment. If the owner (or a majority of owners for a district nomination) objects, the property cannot be listed but would still be considered eligible. Property owner contact information must also be submitted with a nomination.

Separately, the City’s General Plan Update for 2040 includes goals, objectives, policies, and action items regarding historic resources outlined in the Community Design and Historic Resources Element. The Draft General Plan is currently published for public review and comments; with anticipated adoption hearing dates in early 2024. Please review the Draft General Plan and provide comments by visiting

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1. What is a historic resource?
2. How can a building or district be designated or deemed eligible?
3. What does it mean to be a designated (or listed) historic resource versus an eligible historic resource?
4. What protections are afforded to historic resources?
5. How can the community become involved?