What is a historic resource?

A historic resource is a building, structure, object, site, landscape, or a related grouping or collection of these (district) that is significant in history, architecture, archeology, engineering, or culture. The National Register of Historic Places (referred to as the National Register) is the nation's official list of buildings, structures, objects, sites, and districts worthy of preservation. The California Register of Historical Resources (referred to as the California Register) is the authoritative guide to the state's significant historic and archeological resources.  

For information about historic resources within the City of San Mateo, please visit www.cityofsanmateo.org/Planning. Select Planning Resource Documents, followed by Historic Resources Information. 

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1. What is a historic resource?
2. How can a building or district be designated or deemed eligible?
3. What does it mean to be a designated (or listed) historic resource versus an eligible historic resource?
4. What protections are afforded to historic resources?
5. How can the community become involved?