Are there housing programs for police officers?

The City of San Mateo created barracks for employees. We have sleeping quarters at headquarters and the substation for employees to refresh themselves between shifts or before their commute home. Additionally, you can learn more about affordable housing in San Mateo County here. For the most current salary and benefits, please read the San Mateo Police Officers’ Association Memorandum of Understanding (SMPOA MOU).

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1. What is the base salary range for officers?
2. What medical benefits are available?
3. What incentives do you have if applicable?
4. Do you offer a pension?
5. Is there lifetime medical for officers?
6. How many vacation, and sick time hours would I receive?
7. What type of work schedule do your officers have?
8. Do you have an on-duty work out program?
9. Can I have a beard as a police officer?
10. Can I have tattoos as a police officer?
11. Do officers have a take home car?
12. Are there housing programs for police officers?