How does the RHNA impact the General Plan Update?

The new RHNA cycle covers the years 2023-2031. The General Plan update period covers up to the year 2040 which spans two Housing Element cycles.  At the very least, General Plan 2040 will need to ensure that enough land is zoned for housing for RHNA 2023-31.

The City will evaluate the current zoning of potential sites for housing but may need to consider zoning revisions to accommodate the RHNA. The General Plan Update process will establish the areas where new development should be encouraged through the Land Use Element.  This process is underway and includes robust community engagement. Several study areas have been identified to evaluate where future residential development should be prioritized.  If the next General Plan update does not also account for the following RHNA, 2031-2039, General Plan 2040 would need to be further updated to account for the next cycle. More information is available on the General Plan Update website (

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