What is the Housing Element?

The Housing Element is one of many elements, or chapters, of the City’s General Plan—the long-term roadmap for the City’s future and development.  The Housing Element must be updated every 8 years and shows the locations where housing can be built, and the policies and strategies necessary to meet the community’s housing needs. It is the only element of the General Plan subject to State requirements for content and which must be approved by the State Housing and Community Development Department (HCD).

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1. What is the Housing Element?
2. What happens if the City does not have an approved Housing Element?
3. How are the City’s housing needs determined?
4. How was the (2023-2031) RHNA determined?
5. Why is San Mateo’s RHNA higher than rest of County?
6. Can the RHNA be challenged?
7. How does the RHNA impact the General Plan Update?
8. Does Measure Y impact the Housing Element?
9. When will the housing will be built?