Why is purchasing flood insurance important to homeowners?
Considering the devastating consequences flooding can have, flood insurance is a wise and important investment. Homeowners insurance does not cover losses caused by flooding, but flood insurance provides coverage even if a disaster is not declared by the President. Even if FEMA determines a structure is not in the designated floodplain, referred to as the Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA), the structure could be flooded by a flooding event with a greater magnitude than the base flood. Estimates indicate that structures in designated SFHAs have a one-in-four chance of suffering flood damage during the term of a 30-year mortgage. A structure does not have to be in a high risk area of flooding for flood insurance to be needed; as of 2011 an estimated one-third of claims are for the structures in low-to-moderate risk areas. In addition, when homes are destroyed by floods, not only are the homeowners left without a place to live, but they are still obligated to pay off their mortgages. Flood insurance coverage is beneficial in that it protects the equity built up in a person's property, covers damage from flooding, and helps the insured recover more quickly and completely after a flood disaster.

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5. Why is purchasing flood insurance important to homeowners?
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