The City of San Mateo is transitioning management of its BMR units. The City will move from managing a single waiting list for all BMR units to managing units as they become available on The main difference for you is that after the transition, you will need to apply to units that you are interested in on in order to be considered for the unit. The website will list the City's available units, properties with open waitlists, and will collect pre-applications. Because you are on the City of San Mateo's BMR waitlist, you will be considered a 'City of San Mateo Registered Renter' and you will be given preference over other applicants that are not on the City of San Mateo's BMR waitlist. However, you must apply to the units that you are interested in on in order to be considered for the unit. When you apply for the unit, look for the statement "City of San Mateo Registered Renter - Residents pre-registered by the Housing Department with a live/work preference for Below Market Rate (BMR) rental housing before January of 2022." and check the box, which will indicate that you are 'pre-registered.'

If you need help accessing the website and/or completing an application, please let me know and I, or someone with the County of San Mateo, can provide you with resources that will walk you through the digital application process.

Additionally, I will send out images of the digital application, including an image of the 'City of San Mateo Registered Renter' section, so that you know what to expect when you apply online".

These changes will take into effect shortly. I will email you again once the changes have been implemented.

Sandra Belluomini
Administrative Technician Housing Dept
330 W 20th Avenue, San Mateo, Ca 94403

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