Hazard Pay Ordinance

Grocery & Pharmacy Worker Hazard Pay Ordinance

The City Council on March 1, 2021 adopted an emergency ordinance requiring employees of large grocery stores or pharmacies to be paid an additional $5 hourly wage due to the risks of COVID-19 exposure. The ordinance applies to businesses with at least 750 employees nationwide and that are grocery stores, drug stores, or retailers dedicating at least 10% of their space to grocery sales. The emergency ordinance will be in effect for 90 days, and the Council is in the process of adopting a regular ordinance that would last until July 13, 2021.

Additional information:

Review the ordinance for more information. Lea la ordenanza en Español para más información.

Visit the Hazard Pay FAQs web page for answers to frequently asked questions.

Hazard Pay Official Notice form. Hazard Pay Official Notice from in Spanish.