King Park Pumphouse/Maintenance Building Replacement

Background Information 

The landscape at King Park is irrigated with well water. The well pump is located in a small building in the landscaped area adjacent to and just west of the parking lot and south of the field. This building is in significant disrepair and needs to be replaced. The Parks and Recreation Department proposes to take this opportunity to modestly increase its size to allow on-site storage of park maintenance equipment, resulting in more efficient park maintenance. 


The proposed building will be 390 square feet. To accommodate this, a portion of the landscaped area (shrubbery) will be replaced with a concrete pad, on which the building will sit and maintenance vehicle access will be provided. This improvement will not affect any use areas.

A community meeting has been scheduled to get preliminary comments from the neighborhood regarding the proposed project.  All property owners and residential and commercial tenants within 500 feet of King Park have been mailed this notice. Due to the City’s concern to keep staff and the public safe during the pandemic, this will be a virtual meeting held via Zoom, with a phone in option also available.

Meeting Date and Time:

Thursday, September 3, 2020; 7:00-8:00 pm

Link to Zoom Meeting:

 King Park Pumphouse/Maintenance Building Replacement Community Meeting

Alternative Call-In Number:


Webinar ID:

879 3498 4420

After this meeting, the Parks and Recreation Department will submit a planning application to the City of San Mateo. Once the planning application has been submitted, you will receive another notice requesting final comments on the proposed project prior to the final action on the planning application.

If you will be unable to attend the meeting, or otherwise wish to provide comment or pose questions, you may submit them by email prior to the formal planning application submittal. Questions will be responded to as quickly as possible, and all questions/comments will be included in the record and planning application review. Questions and comments should be directed to: Paul Council, Project Manager at

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