Citywide Slurry Seal 2020

Slurry Seal 2020 - CroppedMapThe Citywide Slurry Seal Package 1-A project will slurry seal twenty-eight (28) street segments -- blue lines on the map -- to improve the longevity of the roadway.

Improved pavement marking, striping, and traffic sign installation are included in the project. The construction work includes base repair, where relevant, during preparation for the slurry seal application.

What is Slurry Seal? 

Slurry Seal is a cold-mix pavement resurfacing that extends the life of road segments. The material used to create slurry are aggregate, asphalt emulsion and fillers that are applied to the road.

Anticipated Schedule:

This project is expected to start in summer 2020 and expected to conclude in fall 2020. Depending on surface preparation work, each road segment should take two to five days. Segment work will be done in phases.

Construction Zone Areas: 

If your neighborhood will be receiving slurry seal treatment, you will receive a postcard in the mail before work begins. No Parking signs will be placed in the work zone 72 hours before work begins. Please try to park elsewhere during work hours.


Email: or call: (650) 522-7300. 

City Council Consent Agenda: