PA19-038 1919 O’Farrell Street Pre-App

PA19-038  Rendering (11.12.19)


   •   The “Pre-App” Planning Application was filed on August 22, 2019
   •   The November 12, 2019 submittal has been routed for departmental review and comment.


   •   Project Plans: (Current) – November 12, 2019  
   •   Project Plans: (Prior) – August 22, 2019  


Planning Commission Special Meeting - Study Session: 
Date:         January 29, 2020 - Wednesday
Time:         7:00 p.m.
Location:  City of San Mateo, City Hall at Council Chambers
                   330 West 20th Avenue
                   San Mateo, CA 94403


   •   Neighborhood Meeting: Meeting Minutes – December 16, 2019  
       (will be available soon)  


The applicant proposes to demolish the existing structure and construct a mixed-use project with 48 residential rental units (58,038 square feet) and a commercial office space (2,665 square feet). The residential component consists of a combination of 1 bedroom/1 bath and 2 bedroom/2 bath units living units with private balconies, organized as 4 stories of stacked flats over one level of subterranean parking. Each floor is served by an elevator. The office space is located on the ground (street) level located closest to O’Farrell Street, with 3 stories of residential flats above it. Amenities include street level fitness room, mail room, bicycle parking (1,200 square feet) and a south-facing outdoor court.

The project proposes a total number of 70 residential parking spaces and 8 commercial parking spaces. The project also includes a 1,271 square-feet community serving space and long-term bicycle storage for 196 bikes. Bicycle parking consists of 5 short-term spaces and 53 long-term spaces for the residential units and 1 short-term and 1 long-term space for the commercial space.

The maximum floor area ratio of 2.0 and reduced parking ratio with a request for a State Density Bonus of 32.5% with 10% of the total living units (4 total) targeted as very low-income households.

REVISED:  January 17, 2020

LOCATION: 1919 O’Farrell Street


Rocky Shen, Principal
DNA Design and Architecture
2062 Business Center Dr., Ste. 140
Irvine, CA 92602
(714) 389-1890

Loraine Weiss
Contract Planner
(415) 987-3057