Parking Accessibility

Residential On-Street Accessible Parking

The objective of this policy is to accommodate the needs of the community by designating on-street accessible parking spaces in residential areas when no reasonable off-street parking option is available.

Curb Markings - Blue Zone

The City maintains accessibility for people with mobility challenges in accordance with The City’s guidelines. That includes providing on-street blue reserved parking zones in residential areas, where appropriate, for physically challenged drivers. 

Blue zones are areas reserved for parking by disabled persons. Blue means no standing or parking except by vehicles which display a distinguishing license plate or a placard issued pursuant to Section 2251.5 ("Disabled Persons' Exemption"), or Section 9105 ("Disabled or Blind Veterans"), of the California Vehicle Code. To be enforceable, a disabled parking zone requires a blue painted curb, a handicap pavement legend, and appropriate signage.

Curb Marking Application Process 

If you would like to apply for curb markings outside your home or business, please explore the Application Process page for policy information, forms, and fee schedule. 

For blue curbs in particular, please see the policy for installing blue curbs.