Agendas & Minutes Public Meeting Portal

Check each agenda for instructions on how to participate. Some meetings can be attended in person and/or remote by joining Zoom while other meetings are in person only.

How to Navigate the Public Meeting Portal 

The San Mateo Public Meeting Portal displays content for upcoming and archived meetings. 

Meetings are sorted by date, with the earliest meeting appearing on top.  Today and future meetings appear at the top of the list under Current And Upcoming Meetings. Past meetings are listed under the Archived Meetings section. 

The list can be filtered to show meetings for a selected Committee or for a selected date. Search is initiated through the “Text Search” entry field.  

Under the Documents column, clicking “HTML Agenda” or “HTML Packet” opens a new browser tab where you can view and download individual Agenda Reports and attachments. Click on the agenda item’s title to expand the selection.  If the meeting is accompanied by a timestamped video, clicking the item will also advance the recording to where the item is addressed.  

  1. Watching a Council or Commission Meeting Online
  2. Public Comments During a Live Meeting Broadcast
  3. Provide Written Comments Prior to a Meeting

How to Watch Public Meetings

  • Watch a Live Meeting in Zoom: Click the ‘Join via Zoom’ link included at the top of each meeting agenda.  All attendees are view-only participants who will be muted.
  • Watch a Broadcast or Live Stream: View the broadcast live on Comcast/channel 27, Wave/channel 26, or AT&T/channel 99, the TV live stream, or on our Youtube channel.
  • Closed Captioning: Closed captions and live transcription can be viewed during the live meeting via Zoom. Instructions for this feature can be viewed here.

See Public Comments tab above for information on how provide written and spoken remarks. Have questions? Contact the City Clerk’s Office.

NOTE: To view past public meeting Agenda Reports, Minutes, Resolutions and Ordinances visit the Legislative Records Portal
Having trouble watching a live online meeting?
Try watching the televised meeting that's being streamed here: