Rochester and Ottawa Street Reconstruction

We are implementing a street reconstruction project on two streets:

  • Rochester Street from Monte Diablo Avenue to York Avenue
  • Ottawa Street from Trollman Avenue to Lorraine Avenue

The map below shows the project area:Rochester Ottawa Map

Scope of Work:
This Measure S project consists of reconstruction of the pavement section, overlay of 5 inches of new asphalt concrete pavement, and repair of concrete curbs, gutters, sidewalks and driveway approaches to maintain stormwater surface runoff along the street.

"Street reconstruction" generally includes the removal of all existing asphalt surfacing, excavation of the road subgrade materials, and utility relocation work as necessary. The road is re-built from the bottom-up, with new aggregate base and new asphalt concrete pavement. 

Benefits of Work:

  • New street surface
  • Improved sidewalks, curbs, and gutter to assist stormwater runoff

City Contacts:

Mario Ung, Senior Engineer
Phone: 650-522-7315
Email Mario Ung

Jimmy Vo, Construction Manager
Phone: 650-522-7319
Email Jimmy Vo


July 8, 2020 - Notice of Work Return postcard / Outreach Map 1 and Map 2