PA18-043  406 E 3rd Avenue Mixed-Use SPAR

PA18-043 Rendering 3-7-19

REVISED:  June 13, 2019

406 E 3rd Avenue &
304, 306, 308, 310 & 314
S. Claremont Street


Michael Field
Windy Hill Property Ventures
530 Emerson St., Suite 150
Palo Alto, CA 94301
(650) 847-1537

Rendell Bustos
Associate Planner
(650) 522-7211


On May 28, 2019, by a vote of 3-1, the Planning Commission approved the Site Plan and Architectural Review (SPAR) for construction of a new mixed-use building, Site Development Planning Application (SDPA) for tree removal, and Tentative Parcel Map to merge four lots into one lot.

An Initial Study/Mitigated Negative Declaration, which identifies and discusses potential environmental impacts caused by the project and proposed mitigation measures to eliminate any potentially significant impacts.


     •    Project Plans: (Current) – April 11, 2019
     •    Project Plans: (Prior) – March 7, 2019
     •    Project Plans: (Prior) – October 31, 2018  
     •    Project Plans: (Prior) – August 27, 2018   

A Mitigated Negative Declaration has been prepared for this project and can be viewed online.
    •    Notice
    •    Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration

Appendix A:   Project Plans
Appendix B:   Arborist Report
Appendix C:   Required Tree Planting Form
Appendix D:   Design Review Report
Appendix E:   Geotechnical Feasibility Report
Appendix F:   Transportation Impact Analysis
Appendix G:   Transportation Demand Mgmt. Plan


     •    Planning Commission (Public Hearing): Meeting Materials and Video  –  May 28, 2019
     •    Planning Commission (Study Session): Meeting Materials – July 10, 2018
     •    Planning Commission (Study Session): Meeting Video – July 10, 2018
     •    Neighborhood Meeting: Meeting Materials – June 11, 2018


The project consists of the demolition of the existing on-site structures and parking facilities, removal of all on-site trees and three (3) street trees, grading and excavation for a two (2) level underground parking garage, and the construction of a new four (4) story office and residential building with 25 residential units and 103,731 square feet of offices. The project also proposes ground-level open space adjacent to sidewalks, third-floor balconies, and fourth-floor residential rooftop open space. The project also includes a density bonus request pursuant to Government Code section 65915 for a 35% density bonus by providing 11% below market-rate (BMR) units. The project includes two (2) concession requests: 1) to allow a 119,605 square-foot floor area, and 2) to allow 16 tandem parking spaces to serve the office use.