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Develop or Renovate a Property

These documents are helpful to property owners to ensure that the required components are ready for inspection. For help with building inspections and permits, please call (650) 522-7172.

Get a Parking Permit

These documents are for residents and business owners looking to purchase parking permits. For help with parking permits, please call (650) 522-7300.

Plan a Special Event or Picnic

Looking to hold or advertise a birthday celebration, family picnic, block party, or other special event in San Mateo? For help with special event permits, please call (650) 522-7300.

Provide Outdoor Seating

Interested in placing outside tables and chairs at your place of business? Outdoor dining can be a great way to encourage walking, add liveliness to city streets and promote local economic development. For help with outdoor seating permits, please call (650) 522-7300.

Remodel My House

From bathroom and kitchen remodels to backyard BBQs, pools, and spas we’ve got you covered for all your home improvement and repair needs. For help with existing building remodels, please call (650) 522-7172.

Remove or Plant a Tree

All public trees and many privately-owned trees require a permit prior to pruning or removal. Would you like a tree planted in front of your home for free? For help with tree permits, please call (650) 522-7420.

Replace or Repair My Sidewalk or Driveway

Sidewalks that are in poor condition lessen the attractiveness of a neighborhood and contribute to a decline in sidewalk safety and ease-of-use. Any work performed in the public right of way requires an encroachment permit - for example: installation or repair of sidewalk, curb and/or gutter, or driveway approach; and installation of sidewalk under-drain. For help with sidewalk and driveway repairs, please call (650) 522-7300.

Start or Register a Business

Starting your business can be rewarding but it is important to successfully navigate the requirements for starting a business to ensure your success. For help starting or registering your business, please call (650) 522-7113.