Visit San Mateo’s New Parking Website!

The Parking Guide website provides downtown customers with the information they need to find that ever elusive parking spot in Downtown San Mateo. It also features a portal to pay for parking tickets and will soon accommodate the online sale of monthly downtown parking permits.

The Parking Guide website is your go-to site for all things related to downtown parking. It highlights each of San Mateo’s nine public parking garages and surface lots. Photos clearly identify each garage and lot, and each is plotted on a Google map to show locations in the downtown. The site also provides additional information about other downtown parking amenities such as the location of EV chargers, downtown parking zones, weekend parking, the holiday parking schedule, and a how–to guide for using downtown pay stations. The website also features other popular downtown destinations.

The new site, dedicated to Downtown parking, was created as a result of the Downtown Parking Management Plan adopted by the San Mateo City Council in 2014. Improved communication about downtown parking is an identified goal of the plan that will help to make parking more accessible to downtown customers.

Visit The Parking Guide website for a more enjoyable parking experience. Have comments or questions about the site or about parking in Downtown San Mateo? Use the site's comment form and we will get back to you with a response.