Commuter Information

Making Your Commute More Enjoyable

The City of San Mateo encourages commuters from around the San Francisco Bay Area to leave their cars at home and opt for an alternative mode of transportation: - Free Service

What would you do if you could access up-to-date traffic information while sitting in your car? You'd call 511! 511 is a toll-free phone and Web service that consolidates Bay Area transportation-related information into a one-stop resource.

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San mateo Caltrain Connector - Free Service

We are excited that a number of business parks and City Hall are included along this route. For your convenience, there are two morning and two evening pick-up runs.

Learn more about the Commuter Shuttle.

Mass Transit Information

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Try Transit for Free

The Alliance's Official San Mateo County Try Transit Program provides free transit tickets to people who are interested in trying public transit to get to work.